The backstory behind Initiate

Hey ya’ll!

Time to break out some backstory. *cracks knuckles* 😀

I’ve been a reader since I was very little, and a very picky opinionated reader as well. XD I’ve grown a lot more chill over the years, but I was that child who would follow you around complaining for hours about how the characters rarely or never did what I thought they should do. That someday I was going to write my own book where the characters did what I wanted them to do. (HAH.) Fantasy quickly grew to be my favorite genre, and I started stockpiling long lists of my favorite elements. But still, I didn’t really have a solid story.

So this idea sat around in the back of my mind, some fantasy story with a main character who made all the decisions I wanted to make. But what was going to happen? Who were my characters? I wanted to be my own main character. But how was I going to do that? I wasn’t sure.

I was about 13, 14, more or less, when I decided I was going to figure this out. I took that big vague ball of ideas and started squeezing it for answers. I had realized that it might be too difficult to star in my own book, so I took the traits I still wanted her to have and set them aside to develop and grow into her own character. With that taken care of, it was time to discover my other characters, and the world, and the plot.

Boy, did that take a while. XD

I don’t remember how I came up with half the stuff I did, and I didn’t write anything down, so I can’t go back and look, lol. But I basically I picked my favorite good vs evil plot, and added as many little extra details ad complexities, stuffing as many of my favorite things that I could in. And those that fell out, I set aside for another story! 😀 I came up with enough of a plot to start writing it in 2017, when it still wasn’t named, and neither were the characters. XD It was really bad, and I got stuck not far into it and took a break while I finished figuring out what my plot was and who my characters were.

I spent almost a year on that, maybe? Mira and Matheo were pretty much set, and Aidene had grown nicely into a character similar enough to me, while still being a person entirely her own. 🙂 Amethyst was pretty slippery, but surprisingly simple. Arrow took quite a bit of beating until I figured out who he was, now I just struggle with conveying him correctly lol. For such an outgoing dude, he doesn’t reveal very much. And Célia! Still having difficulty with her. She stubborn. XD I’ve figured her out enough to write her, but when I have the audacity to ask her why, she slams the door in my face. Like lady, you live in my head. You aren’t allowed to hide stuff in my head dang it I understand how Sophie Foster feels now.

And Vivianda, my villain? It was a glorious day when I figured out her backstory. *laughs in evil author* It’s fabulous. >:)

And Charla Seelom, a hero from another age? Fabulous. *slaps Charla* This bad girl can fit so much pain in her.

I just did that. XD

But I do love Charla’s story, It’s going to be so fun to write! Just gotta finish Aidene’s story first lol. (hushup Olive focus)

So that’s pretty much it backstory wise, as I’m currently writing it. 😀 Someday this shall become backstory, remembered for ages to come…

Til next time,

As you can see, I still have not figured out how to make this smaller. I think it is impossible, and have accepted my fate. XD

7 thoughts on “The backstory behind Initiate

  1. YAYYYY I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOUR FIRST POST. Your personality is so hilarious and wonderful, I was very entertained. XD And I can’t wait for Initiate to be finished (don’t worry I still haven’t forgotten it… HELTH take up all my free time)

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