The tale of Charla Seelom

It is the golden age of the Dragon Warriors. 
The land is at peace, there is knowledge and learning, crops are plentiful and hungry bellies few. And they have the Dragon Warriors to thank for that. 
But then a Shadow crept in.
It wasn’t much, barely even noticeable. Dragon Warriors, extremely old and skilled, start to have accidents, leaving them crippled, or dead.
Promising Initiates have accidents while training, and also die. Very old and wise elves, historians and scientists, fall ill and lose their memory, or simply disappear, their works along with them. The great library of Korin, the largest and oldest collection of knowledge in the world, burned down. Nothing was saved. 
By the time the Dragon Warriors realized what was going on, it was almost too late. The Shadow had taken it’s toll. 
The Dragon Warriors gathered together to try to find out what this Shadow was, where it was coming from, how it could be stopped. They finally traced it to Mount Wrath, and they assembled the remains of their shattered force to go confront- whatever it was, this Shadow.  
The Dragon Warriors set out for Mount Wrath, leaving behind only the Initiates and a few crippled Dragon Warriors at the academy.
They arrived at Mount Wrath, only to discover that the Shadow had slipped around them, and slaughtered everyone who remained at the academy.
The cry of the Dragon Warriors was terrible to hear. The Dragons were absolutely outraged at the deaths of so many young dragons, and immediately declared war, joined by the man and the elves, and lead by the remaining Dragon Warriors.
Their combined forces were mighty, and their spirits roused, but the Shadow’s army was tough and slippery, holed up in the Mountain of Wrath, impenetrable against the strongest of attacks. 
With his cover blown, the Shadow abandoned all attempts at secrecy, continuing his targeted strikes against key people and dragons. His aim was sure and his blows sudden and unpredictable.
They fought and they fought and they fought, neither side making much headway.
But slowly, the tides began to turn.
The Shadow’s strikes took their toll.
Many great heroes were lost, elvin, human, and dragon. The Dragon Warriors were picked off one by one.
The Shadow was winning.
The war was costly, and more soldiers were needed, more healers were needed, more supplies were needed, any hand that could fight was needed. They sent out small groups to scour the land, collecting anyone who could help in any way. They searched everywhere, going even as far as the tiny village of Oakshire.
And there, they found her.
A girl, a young woman who had appeared out of nowhere, who had come by magic. Fascinating, to be sure, but more exciting was the fact that she almost immediately bonded with a young dragon they had just recruited- the first pair of Initiates since before the slaughter. For there had been no more bondings since the Shadow’s attack. 
The pair were rushed off to the front lines of the war, taken under the care of the three Dragon Warriors that were left.
The Final Three taught them as well as they could in a war zone. Their training was not of books and spars, it was training of war maps and battles. 
And then the Final Three fell, and the young woman and young dragon were alone.
They were the Last Dragon Warrior. 
There were other generals, and other leaders, but everyone looked to the Last Dragon Warrior for guidance, for hope.
And hope was short in these times. They were losing, and they knew it.
Their forces were weary and battered, numbers severely depleted. The Dragon Warriors were all but gone, there were whispers among the elves of retreating deep into their forests where none could reach them, the men were tired and bloody, only the dragons had no thought of retreat.
The elves did retreat, pulling away from the army and disappearing back into the forests from which they came.
The men were on the verge of desertion, and the dragons, though firm in their resolve to continue fighting, were much weakened.
The Shadow was readying his forces for another attack.
There was no hope left.
The Last Dragon Warrior said, “What do we have to lose?” and led one last assault on the Mountain of Wrath, and the Shadow.
And…They got in.
The Last Dragon Warrior delved into the depths of the mountain, while her army fought for their lives at the door. No one lived to tell of what happened that day, deep in the mountain. But the Last Dragon Warrior emerged victorious, having killed the Shadow, rallied her army, and drove out the last remains of the Shadow’s forces.
The Last Dragon Warrior was given their names, Charla Seelom and Sheeril’la.
And the land knew peace.

I drew this a long time ago, cut me some slack XD

And that is the beginning of the the story of the Last Dragon Warrior.

The ending? She and her dragon disappeared, no one knows what happened to her. You’ll just have to wait and see. >:)

Til next time,

6 thoughts on “The tale of Charla Seelom

  1. I hate this Shadow. Weren’t the Initiates mostly children?! AAAHHH IF ONLY I COULD HAVE KILLED HIM MYSELF. I HOPE HE SUFFERED BEFORE DYING. BOO.

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