Art and Snippets- Warrior

Hey y’all! I bring ye art and snippets 😀

Not from Initiate though, from Warrior, which is book 2. Why, you ask? because I felt like it. XD I had a spree in July where I could not for the life of me concentrate on Initiate, and I churned out several thousand words of Warrior scenes, most of which in Matheo’s POV. Some of them will definitely make it into Matheo’s Musings. 😄

I am back to working on Initiate now, but I also drew a lovely piece to go with the scene I will be sharing today. It makes me grin and snicker every time I look at it. >:)

A small introduction so you know what’s going on! so Matheo’s working for Vivianda, surprise, surprise, and in the beginning of Warrior she sent him to the capitol city to do something which I haven’t decided yet. He’s up to no good, that’s for sure. 😄 Aidene is also in the city, since all the peoples are like “DUDE, there’s a new Dragon Warrior we wanna see her!!” so she and Amethyst got invited to come and they met King Edvard, (who I introduced on my instagram, check story highlights “charries”) and then have to attend a fancy party/ball to meet everyone else of importance. Neither Aidene or Amethyst have much fun, but Aidene has an interesting night, thats for sure. XD

You don’t get to see all of it from Matheo’s POV of course, but first she has to put up with a snobbish jerk, (who actually gets mentioned) then creates a hullabaloo when she actually gets in a fight with another guy, and then runs into Matheo, an enemy who isn’t supposed to be there, and stays up until like, 4am. So yeah, long night for my ‘dene bean. 😄

But anyway, I hope you enjoy my overly dramatic un-edited-except-for-spellcheck short story. And the accompanying drawing, which I still haven’t shown you. Here they both are now. XD

* * *

I slipped quietly through the crowd of brightly dressed people, drawing little to no attention.

That’s good, I thought, tugging on the lacy sleeve of my dark blue coat. It means this plan just might work. I paused at the landing of an enormous sweeping staircase, where I had a view of the entire room below, and all the bejeweled people in it. I tried not to stare, just to find what I was looking for, but the splendor and riches were almost overwhelming.

This could be yours, I remind myself. You could be the star of the show at a party like this. I tugged again at the sleeve of my coat, it didn’t fit right, given as I’d stolen it, and hadn’t had it adjusted. I also wasn’t fond of the lace, lace belonged on women’s clothes, but the gold embroidery around the edges was nice.

When I’m in charge, I won’t have any lace. I decided. But for now, it does its purpose, I suppose. I match every other snobbish gent in here. Another disdainful glance towards the people around me. But enough of ridiculous fashions, I have a job to do.

I let myself be swept down the stairs and onto the shining marble floor, where everyone dispersed to the sides, standing in small groups to gossip, or out onto the dance floor, swaying and twirling so their many jewels flashed in the light. I started making my way around the edge of the room, eyes peeled for the man I was supposed to meet. I was distracted, however, by a small crash and a familiar voice apologizing in a frustrated tone.


I almost didn’t recognize her. She was wearing a purple dress that fit her beautifully, covered in gold swirling embroidery, and had long flowing sleeves dripping with lace, which were also dripping with punch, as she appeared to have trailed them into the bowl, and then knocked it over. She brushed her hair out of her face, some of which was twisted up behind her head with a few feathers. Her face must have been painted, but not the gaudy extreme levels of the other women I’d passed, for she just looked like herself, with just a small step up. Her lashes were a little darker, her lips a little redder, a hint of purple on her eyelids when she blinked. She looked amazing. Or maybe it was just the light. 

Her exasperated gaze passed over me, but I don’t think she recognized me. Which was a good thing, as at the moment I was completely incapable of beating a retreat, or coming up with an excuse for being here. Her gaze turned to another young man nearby with a look of annoyance, and I became aware that he had been talking nonstop the whole time, I just hadn’t been paying attention.

He spoke in a loud, drawling way, and was saying something about her clumsiness not being her own fault, having been brought up in such an uncivilized country. Which, though he had never been, and he was sure was very interesting, simply wasn’t the capitol, so it couldn’t possibly be expected to be as fine as here, which was CLEARLY the star of not only this world, but any other worlds out there as well. He had extended his arm at these last words, with another hidden snide comment about her lack of grace. Aidene clearly did not want to take it, her fists were clenched and she was glaring daggers, but she didn’t have much of a choice. She grudgingly took his arm and was immediately trapped, swept away into a crowd of fawning yet disdainful adults.

Sometime later, I still hadn’t met the potential ally, and was getting bored, so I looked for Aidene again. She was dancing now, dress flowing out behind her as she twirled, gliding from arm to arm. The music was starting to slow, if I timed this just right… I stepped up, and she spun right into my arms as the music changed. She glanced up at me, and did a double take.

“Matheo?” she asked quietly. 

“That’s me,” I said with a slight smirk. By the Creator, she looked even more beautiful close up. She frowned, and was tense, rigid with the close proximity, but her eyes still shone and she seemed to glow. I saw her glance towards where finely suited guards were stationed against the walls at intervals, and she chewed her lip thoughtfully. “Oh come now, don’t do that.” I asked with a chuckle. “You don’t want to disturb everyone’s dance, do you?” we were dancing together with a large group of other colorful couples, grafted in smoothly close to the middle. One wrong step and the whole assembly would be knocked askew. I could tell from the look she gave me she wouldn’t care a bit, so I tried another tactic. “Besides, isn’t this fun?” I smiled as I twirled her around to a swell of the music, a garden of colorful skirts flaring in perfect unison around us. 

“No, not at all.” she said when she was in my arms again, but I could feel her relaxing. I spun her again and she smiled this time, taking my breath away. I treasured every second of that dance, not paying much attention to the quips and jabs we exchanged, taking careful note of every smile, every laugh, the sparkle in her eyes when the music got faster and we danced worse, but enjoyed ourselves more with every step and twirl. I didn’t want that dance to end, and I don’t think she did either, for when the next one started, she showed no inclination of stepping out, and I was only to happy to continue on to the next dance. And the next one, and the next one… 

I don’t know how long we danced, but when we finally collapsed at an empty table, pink faced and breathing hard, a considerable amount of time had passed.

Ah shoot, I still have to meet that guy. I remembered with disdain. I glanced at the large, ornate clock on the wall and surprised to see how many hours had passed. I glanced back to Aidene’s glowing face, who was watching the rest of the people dancing with such an expression of joy that I couldn’t help but smile.

Eh, won’t kill him to have waited, it was worth it.

“Not too bad, wasn’t it?” I asked her, tossing my hair out of my eyes. She laughed a little, still out of breath.

“No, I actually had fun, if you’d believe that.” she smiled at me for a blissful second before fixed her face into a stern look. “You’re still in trouble though,” she said, kicking off her shoes with a sigh of relief. I gave her a look and she shot back with a defensive air, “I don’t care if it’s not ladylike, my feet hurt. And besides, they’re covered with my dress anyway.”

I laughed. “I meant the ratting me out part, but good to know, I won’t judge your bare feet,” I said with a smirk. She stuck her tongue out at me and I laughed again. A server came by and I grabbed us some drinks, which she accepted reluctantly. “I didn’t poison it,” I tease, and she takes it.

“Thank you, I think,” she says with an eye roll, drinking half the tiny glass in one swallow. “Ahh, I’m dying, you poisoned me!” she dramatically pretended to swoon onto the table. I almost choked on my drink laughing, and she fell into a storm of giggles.

* * *

*falls into my own storm of giggles*

dat boi fell hard >:)

I may have had way too much fun writing it hehe.

It ends kinda suddenly bc I just felt like I needed that bit out, they finished dancing and my brain said “ok you’re done now” and I was like …ok. So I was done. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But if you’re curious about what happens next, they banter back and forth for a few more lines, then Aidene figures that ok, she better tell somebody that he’s not supposed to be here now, but then she gets distracted and Matheo slips away before she gets a chance. Hmm. Should have arrested him when you had the chance, ‘dene.

And then the very next day, after too few hours of sleep, guess what happenssssssss!!! (hint, it’s in the blurb lol)

*slightly evil sounding laughter*

I can’t wait to write that book. :’) which means I have to finish Initiate. Hmm.

Till next time,

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