The Most Epic Photos To Grace Your Eyes This Year

December 5th was international ninja day!!!

Madi with her major ninja obsession was planning to dress up like a ninja again, and since I have a mild ninja obsession, (and I had a chance to make my sister be my photographer wheeze) I joined in!

but Olive it is not anywhere near December 5th anymore

Yes and that’s on me :’) XD deal with it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

’twas more rushed than I would have liked taking these pictures. It was already late when my mom cut my hair, I got dressed real fast, grabbed my karate weapons, and shooed my sister outdoors with me to take my pictures before the sun set. My sister has like, no photography experience At All, and your grandma is more tech savvy than her, but she actually did a pretty good job when she wasn’t screwing around, so. XD

Then I edited them black and white because coolness. B)

Bring on the coolness.

Aw yeah bois.

These two are my fav!!

watch out Daku u gon die >:D

why does this one give me Winter Soldier vibes tho

Ninja climb so high hehe

Also this play structure so so old, it was creaking and shaking and wobbling like heck when I was up there XD

Now for my favs again in color just because. :3

Last one! My absolute favorite. 😀

I felt so cute. :3

I am so cute. >:3

I neenjah. >:3

Such awesome, yeah? SUCH EPIC, YEAH??!


sadly, I have no more :’) but you can go see Madi’s post, which is almost as good. demented laughter

I’m kidding of course Madi is amazing and so are her pictures did you SEE that HAIR–


I have nothing more to say.

Have a merry Christmas y’all!

I have spoken.

13 thoughts on “The Most Epic Photos To Grace Your Eyes This Year

    *clears throat* You make such a good ninja! And, you’re right, some of these pictures DO give off Winter Solider vibes (which is great ’cause he’s cool).
    Merry (Early) Christmas!

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